The Old City of Jerusalem

A view of the Mount of Olives from the Archeological Park

Robinson’s Arch

The Western Wall extension by Robinson’s Arch

Uri humorously demonstrating King Herod’s building of the Second Temple

Intrigued ultra-Orthodox youth watching women lay tefillin in the new egalitarian section near the Wall. Maybe his worldview has been expanded?

Walking in the Arab Quarter of the Old City

Shmoozing and selling.

A view of our group with Al Aqsa behind us, roof of Austrian Hospice (Uri Feinberg, and Rabbis Adena Blum, Michele Paskow, David Edleson, Me!, Brian Leiken, Mark Kaiserman, Dennis Ross, Debbie Zecher, and Don Goor)

A view of Al Aqua mosque and Jerusalem from the roof of the Austrian Hospice in the Christian Quarter

Incongruity: he was singing “Hotel California!” Mamilla Mall

They played a mean klezmer, Mamilla Mall

I played David while he played the harp.

A wonderful day of walking in the Old City, digesting rich history and archeology, then walking the Mamilla Mall with its art installations, street musicians, and shops. Preparing now for Shabbat. We will go this evening to Kibbutz Gezer and its Reform congregation with Rabbi Miri Gold, and have Shabbat dinner with her in her home.

Shabbat shalom!


2 thoughts on “The Old City of Jerusalem

  1. Tried to post, but unable. Thanks so much for sharing those spectacular pics. You are in your glory. So happy and beautiful. Love you, Joanne

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