Just a few more photos from Sydney

We arrived home last night, recovering from our jetlag. I wanted to post just a few more photos before saying goodbye to my blog for this latest journey. (Sadly, my Ipad was already packed away, so I had to take these inferior shots on my Iphone.)

Bert and Dinah and me

Bert and Dinah and me

Bert and Dinah (folks who were on the ship with us and who also belong to the synagogue we attended on Shabbat) were kind enough to offer us a personalized tour of Sydney’s best views and some Australian history before driving us to the airport on Sunday morning. Bert and Dinah are both Egyptian Jews (he from a Sephardic family, she from an Ashkenazic one), though they met in Australia. They are terrific and knowledgable tour guides!

Harbor view (Harbor Bridge in background)

Harbor view (Harbor Bridge in background)

Hold onto hope, Help is always there. (Black Dog Institute)

“Hold onto HOPE. There is always HELP.” This quote was posted here by the Black Dog Institute due to the number of suicides at this site, South Head. In bad weather, the waves can reach the top of the cliff.

Bondi Beach

The famous Bondi Beach in Sydney. Just within the last 24 hours swimmers were evacuated due to multiple shark sightings there. In the harbor, nets protect swimmers from shark, but here in the ocean, swimmers must stay within the posted flags to be protected by the volunteer “lifesavers” (lifeguards).

Dipping my feet at Camp Cove

Dipping my feet at Camp Cove. I had plenty of opportunities to swim in beautiful harbors and ocean waters throughout the trip, but there was always something else I chose to do instead. Finally, on my last day, Dinah urged me to take off my shoes and let the water flow!

What follows is a menu from the ship on one of the first nights of the cruise. I was hesitant to post it earlier. I recommend that vegetarians and animal rights activists close this post now so you are not offended.


Kangaroo, anyone? (If you can’t read it, one of the entrees listed is Roasted Kangaroo Loin). Kangaroo and crocodile meat are both delicacies in Australia.

Blessings to all!


3 thoughts on “Just a few more photos from Sydney

  1. Welcome home, Pam and Chaim! I’ve enjoyed this blog tremendously, especially since Martin Yafe and his fiancée have been living with us since Christmas, having just returned from his 3 year stint as hazzan at Temple Emmanuel in Sydney. It sounds like a glorious trip, from all points of view, and like you got the most out of all the possibilities.
    Tonight’s is Eddie’s z”l memorial lecture at Hadar…
    We look forward to your talk at Romemu on Jan. 22.

    All the best to you both for a fulfilling and healthy 2015.


  2. What an interesting trip you had, I have enjoyed reading your blog, I learned a lot.
    May the new year be good to you and your family with Hope, Health and Happiness.
    I should add with gratitude for what is given to us.
    The best

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