Leaving on a jetplane….

New Year’s Day, and it’s time to pack.

I want to bring clothing for all contingencies, books for every mood, medications for every potential malady, and all of my middot (soul-traits) in perfect balance — enough faith, patience, humility, and generosity to get me through this trip with my soul and my integrity intact.

But El Al only allows me one check-in bag of 50 pounds and one carry-on (which has to include my laptop), so I have already unpacked some of my patience and generosity of spirit, and I might have to leave some books behind, as well. Surely I will need my siddur (prayerbook) and Tanakh (Bible). Must I leave behind Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths by Karen Armstrong? Or that extra blue sweater? When the choice is books or clothing, I will usually (not always) choose the books. I did download a couple of library books to my I-pad in order to lighten the load just a bit, but technophobe that I am, I can’t be sure I will figure out how to open them up to read them!

Chaim is traveling light, and I envy him his middah of simplicity. But he is right: I am not a camel who can carry any load. I am almost 53 with a bad back, and travel light I must. No Karen Armstrong. No extra blue sweater. But let’s add some extra patience and a lot more faith. I do have a lot of fears going into this trip — for safety (will the ceasefire hold?), for comfort (how well will my Hebrew serve me? will it be too cold in January?)

More from Jerusalem on the 3rd!

Blessings to you all for 2013!


10 thoughts on “Leaving on a jetplane….

  1. Well dear,Take the blue sweather.it’s cold! and all books easly opens up on I pad. i’ll help you…
    Jerusalem is waiting with all it’s grace & hardship to welcome you. and i welcome you with lots of good memories I had with you in Jerusalem and also my parents will be happy to meet you.
    have a safe journey.Billy.

  2. Happy New Year! Have a great time. Your blog is such a great idea. Looking forward to your stories. And if I can handle Kindle, so can you!

  3. N’sya tova and take the Kindle – not for the siddur or Tanakh, but for Karen Armstrong and the like. More importantly, enjoy and breathe!

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